At Grup Galceran we open our first e-commerce

September 23, 2021

In September 2020 we opened the first GAP store in Spain with a delay of half a year due to the pandemic. Likewise, the expansion plans to open stores in Iberia were affected. Given the difficulty in operating physical stores, at Grup Galceran we had the agility to propose to GAP Inc. to advance the opening of e-commerce.

With the incorporation of GAP, Grup Galceran assumed the responsibility of managing communication and marketing. The new team quickly demonstrated its capacity for action and managed to strengthen the bond and trust with the North American brand. The experience of Grup Galceran together with the successes achieved in marketing were the triggers for GAP to see our potential and enthusiasm to open GAP's e-commerce in Spain and Portugal.

With this new challenge ahead, we needed to expand the team and we opened the e-commerce department, which from the beginning knew how to integrate digital technology in all sales areas. But the main challenge was not only to open in record time and in two countries at the same time, but also to offer consumers a series of online services with which they would feel as comfortable as when buying in a physical store. A costumer does not buy the same in person as digitally, that is why omnichannel is one of our main pillars, since by placing the customer at the center we achieve that communication and the purchasing process are as fluid as possible. With this objective, we implement, among other things, that the GAP CLUB loyalty program is common both in physical stores and online; We offer in-store pickup and returns, and we develop campaigns available on both channels.

Today we resume our expansion plans for physical stores, with the idea of ??opening new stores in other cities very soon. In e-commerce we will be expanding the catalogue, adding new divisions and offering exclusive products. For Grup Galceran, combining both sales lines has been a great challenge for which we are grateful for the opportunity and convinced of its success.

This is how we experienced the launch of our first e-commerce!

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